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The "Techies" of India.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

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We will talk about some of the myths about a certain breed of humans found predominantly in India and especially in Bangalore region who are called as "Software Engineers".

Now tell any layman that you are a SE and the first thing that comes to his mind is that you earning big money.
I read a news item in Times of India about the salaries of a software engineer in India. A couple of days before this article appeared in the paper we were having a chat about the salaries of freshers in our company and some of them were telling me about how grossly underpaid they are and that their take home salary is around Rs.12, 000.It is only after a couple of years of experience that a person starts earning a decent enough salary especially if his first job is in an Indian service provider company and that too if he switches jobs. Maybe that is one of the reasons for high attrition levels in this industry: low salary for entry-level positions, but we will talk about the topic of attrition and talent crunch in IT industry some other day.
The second myth is that every software engineer is a "software developer". Now nothing can be far from truth than this because SEs work at different levels of a Software Development Life Cycle and development is just another part of this process. If you are working for a large IT service provider then chances are that you might be working in a product support project where you just support the product developed earlier. For example: If the customer is using a software and he faces any issues with it then he logs a Trouble Ticket and you solve his issue; in another words you just troubleshoot the product.
Another strange myth, strange to the extent of being funny is that every SE has to go onsite and if it happens that the client he is working for is a domestic one or if he is working for a product company where there are very little or no chances of going abroad then he is not a good SE or not "techie" enough.
Well if I think about any more myths about our brethren I will come back with another post.
Till then Shalom.

Aftab Ahmed

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supriya said :
December 9, 2010 at 1:51 AM
A big time reality check to those who think software engineers' live a luxurious life and everything is a cakewalk for them! x-(

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