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The Great Indian Idiot Box - II

Monday, June 25, 2007

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Starting where we left off last time I had mentioned that too much is happening on our TV sets to cover it at one go.
Our discussion will not be complete without mentioning our 24x7 news channels especially the Hindi news channels where just about anything passes off as news. If there is no news then out of sheer desperation a non-existent story is cooked up like Dawood Ibrahim has shaved off his moustache or Saddam Hussain is still alive even after the US hanged him!I remember how the movie "Da Vinci Code" was hyped by the TV channels during its release time and we had numerous discussions about the validity of the protests and thinking about various such trends I almost forgot to mention the stand up comedy shows and the effect of the popularity of these shows is that even news channels started beaming them!
I can understand that the producers of these channels cannot "manufacture" news 24x7 so we started our own programs on the lines of Top Gear, Yes Minister (looks like originality is not our forte) then started a series of shows about food and now almost every channel has one show about food.
While concluding I would also like to talk about something that is very world class and that is our advertising which is most of the time very original, highly creative and imaginative. Our advertising is truly at par with the rest and best of the world.

Aftab Ahmed

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Anonymous said :
February 22, 2009 at 5:11 AM
The great indian idiot box.Wow! an interesting post.

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