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The Great Indian Idiot Box

Sunday, June 24, 2007

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If you are just a channel surfer in India (you don't have to be an avid viewer) you would have observed a few trends that have taken place on our desi idiot box.
The most popular is the saas/bahu sagas which started I dont' remember when and I do not see an end to it in the far distant future. I think Ekta Kapoor should rename her serials as "Kayamat se Kayamat Tak".
Then came the KBC craze which took the whole country by storm. The Big B in his new avataar became a crorepati himself while helping others in becoming one.
The most recent TV shows are the singing competitions and this was started by the Indian idol talent hunt. The irony is after finding the Indian idol he has disappeared into oblivion after a very ordinary album.
Another such show was the one in which a TV channel was hunting for a child singing artist and the whole nation went wild sending SMS voting for different kids. God knows how I have suffered because of this (a friend of mine used to use all our gang's phones to vote for one of them).
A gang of few have beens were collected in a glass house and kept under observation to see how they react in front of a camera (because they had forgotten how it feels being in front of one) and the results were quite awful.
A few of my friends are huge fans of a program where a group of music directors chose a few singers and make them sing on stage and then fight among themselves to choose the best of them.
The most pitiable thing about all this is that none of these programs are original in idea.
The daily soaps were "inspired" by the daily soaps like The bold and the beautiful" and "Dynasty".
Indian idol is a copy of American idol, the idea of KBC was stolen from Who wants to be a millionaire so on and so forth...
There is so much to talk about what happens on our TV in our drawing rooms that I have to come back with another piece on it..
So long then.....

Aftab Ahmed

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