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Tough Times

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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The capital city of our country rocked again not from the crackers of the Ganesh festival but from the serial bomb blasts. When the news start filtering in of blasts many of us think " Oh God !!! it happened again!!!" and within seconds hundreds of lives change forever and within minutes our politicians start politicising the issue.
We had just recovered from all the violence that happened in Jammu and Kashmir and then this happened. There is no shortage of solutions offered by people and experts on how to tackle this issue. We should have tougher laws for terror, a federal agency which will look into such issues, we have to look into the root cause of such terror acts, are some of the solutions offered. But if these are the solutions, then why these solutions are not implemented? If we have tough laws for terror, can we trust our politicians with such laws and hope that they will not misuse it for their own gain. We have seen this happen with Ms.Indira Gandhi using MISA to arrest opposition leaders during the emergency and other leaders (mis)using laws as TADA and POTA. I think the real solution is a combination of all these suggestions, we should look real hard into issues and not just have some committee appointed and give them infinite extensions (Liberhan Commission) or when such a committee submits its report , reject it arbitrarily (Sri Krishna Committee) we should also have a federal agency on the lines of the Election Commission of India which is not answerable to any government (state or central) and also a tough anti-terror law with enough safeguards against misuse against an individual or a community. But I sincerely hope by the time we come up with these solutions or any solution for that matter we will not lose any more innocent lives.
There are a lot more such incidents that have in the last few months that have affected thousands of lives... we will talk about more such issues later....

Aftab Ahmed

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February 22, 2009 at 5:31 AM
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